Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Artist of the Month: Russ Mills

A few months ago, probably longer I came across a really cool photo like these of a girl who appeared to be flipping her hair back, it was all black, white and red. I remember loving that photo so much I printed it and added it to a collage of cool art and images that inspire me. I never knew who the artist was. Well after I saw these photos and read a little article that came with them It made me wonder if Russ Mills was the same artist, so I did a search and sure enough that photo I fell in love with a while back is by Russ Mills! I'm mesmerized and entranced by these photos that have a Rorschach inkblot feel to them in the blurred and frenzied movements created by Mills. I'm so thrilled to see his work and follow his career now so that I can fall deep into the mysteries of every piece! Check out more Russ Mills art here:


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