Thursday, September 2, 2010

Searching For The Constellations

A lot of great music has been filling my ears lately and this one band hasn't been filling my ears enough! Partly because their album which is apparently already out has been a pain in the ass to find. I don't mess with itunes I like Cd's! But the 5 songs I've listened from them are weird, wonderful and brilliant. I missed the last concert they played at the mad hatter in convingtion KY and today I noticed on their website they're not selling tickets to their next gig there which is for later this month. I don't know it they're sold out or not for sale yet but I'm on a mission to find out. If all else fails I'll be taking a drive up to Cleveland to see them! I also really like the wacky photos of the band some are cool other are crazy but in a good way. I wonder who photographs them? The lead singer is really hot to he has that johnny depp quality where he can look kinda dirty and unkempt but still be sexy! The entire band is pretty good looking even the big dude with the fro in a quirky way, but the music is what makes them so check them out!

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