Thursday, September 16, 2010

True Blood Sucks

I've been a fan of this show since I learned that Alan Ball was behind it and the first two seasons which stuck strongly to the storyline of the Charlaine Harris novels were exciting and entertaining but as a whole I think season 3 sucked! It was lack luster and boring compared to season two. The third season strayed from the third Charlaine Harris book to such a disappointing degree that they royal screwed themselves out of a great storyline that spread through the rest of the series. Vampire Jessica was hardly around and when she was her storyline was typical and predictable. Sam evolved from the dependable good guy to a real asshole with a killer past. Eric had some of the best moments this season but his ever changing hairstyle is distracting and conflicts with things they've said about vampires. His hair was long then short now it's short and nearly brown. Jason is the one character they just won't let us figure out because they keep throwing him into crazy situations where he reacts differently almost like he's got a multiple personality disorder! As for Sookie what happened to the polite and proper girl we saw in season one? With her ever growing bad attitude and new found love of curse words they put her over the edge by dumping Russel's lovers melted insides down the drain and thenhaving her laugh a hauntingly evil laugh that made me wonder how much farther down this road the writers are going to take her. Don't even get me started on the weak and forgive my using the term "retarded" way they are portraying her Fae heritage. The best actor coming out of this show by far is the actress Tara played by Rutina Wesly. She has been the silver lining through out the whole season and the one character the writers have evolved and even tortured in a way I can appreciate and enjoy watching. She is one hell of an actress that deserves an Emmy for this season. I was however heartbroken to see her cut all that beautiful hair off before she left town in the finale. Overall season 3 is not one I'll be watching again on dvd. I'll tune into season 4 out of curiosity and hope that it'll be better. Also the fact Sookie now knows the truth about Bill I'm really looking forward to season Eric and Sookie's relationship heat up! This season needed more Evan Rachel Wood!!! She's great as the vicious and sometimes vulnerable Queen Sophie Ann. An just to beat this old drum one more time I hate seeing Anna Paquin with blond hair! She was just so much prettier as a brunette and I don't think I'll ever really like her blond it just doesn't suit her!

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