Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bon Iver, I Love You

The first time I heard a Bon Iver song I though hmm... okay different but pretty cool. Yet it didn't quite sink in until a month or two later when I herd Ellie Gouldings cover of Wolves and then I downloaded the original Bon Iver (Real name Justin Vernon) version. It's the kind of music your soul has to be ready and in the mood for. It's so blissful and painful and soothing. Ah I just love the music, it's not just the voice... it's the chords and the lyrics and all of it put together that make the whole album seem like on united collection, like a book written in music notes and each song is a different chapter in the same story. Wolves, Skinny Love, Blood Bank, For Emma and Lump Sum are my top 5 favorites but every song of his is locked into my mp3! You might not be ready for him yet but when you are this album will feel like a piece of you you'd lost and it will metaphorically fill your heart!

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