Saturday, November 21, 2009

Skins Series 4 Behind The Scenes

I've found a crap load of photos of the cast filming and on location for series 4 of skins and a few extra and random shots of the cast hanging out, eating cupcakes and wielding fake (hopefully) guns. I love this show and have come to love the new cast, not as a reflection of the old one which is irreplaceable but in their own right they are all amazing actors that have encompassed some brilliantly written characters. The start of series 4 isn't too far off and while we only get 8 (Ekkk!) episodes, the new trailer proves it's going to be unpredictable, dramatic and lots of fun to watch. I've been hearing lots of spoiler rumors but I think we can all expect the last episode to leave us wanting more. I think someone is going to die, based on the gun clips and blog rumors but I really doubt it's Emily! I just hope Freddie's little sis Karen doesn't take over as the Effy of the 3rd cast and 5th season cause I'm sorry but I can't stand her character!

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