Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jay Malinowski Solo Project

Jay Malinowski is his name and sexy sadness is his game! The magic behind Bedouin Soundclash has his own solo album out now which is just fucking too brilliant for words really. It's sexy sadness... that the nest way I can describe it anyway. So have a listen:

Above is the first offical video and single off the album with cirque de pirie or some shit, anyway the girl is really hot too and they might be dating who knows but her music is really pretty too even if you don't speak or understand french you can at least tell it's pretty easy on the ears!

Above is a picture of the band Bedouin Soundclash and below are my two favortie songs they made together. I'm not sure if the dude on the left is still in the band though.

See how pretty he is!!! & while his voice is full of imperfections it's what makes him so sound so good! It's real and raw and has this sexy ruffness about it. Ahh Good music!

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