Monday, July 26, 2010

Artist of the Month: Anders Krisar

I'm typically drawn to art that has a lot of color and abstract qualities but I like what I like and it all doesn't fit into categories or traditional mediums. Which is why I have to pick Anders Krisar out of a few other artist I've discovered this month because it's so different. Idk what the concept or ideas behind these pieces are but when I think about it myself I've come up with a few theories on the message behind them. What makes us who we are? Is it our skin? Is it what we do, or whats done to us? Is it our scars or our fears... What holds us together? Krisar's work is focused on parts of the human body but even as realistic as his sculptures are it's not the part that lingers with you. It's not the form of the object... the body parts. It's that everything is a part of us... the pieces that hold us together and things or people that try to tare us apart aren't usually visible when you look at someone those things take shape on the inside. I wonder what we all would look like if we had our own body sculpture pieces to show those things that have made us who we are...

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