Friday, June 18, 2010

Neon Angels Runaway

The Runaways was a really great movie. I say this as someone who's not all that familiar with Joan Jett and clueless about The Runaways. So seeing the movie without any preconceived notions or expectations, I was entertained and caught up in the movie the whole time. Say what you will about it excluding all the members except for Cherie and Joan. It was based on Cherie Currie's memoir and wasn't meant to be about the entire band! On looks along the cast looked like the real deal and it's amazing just how similar they all look to the real band.
What makes this movie though is the chemistry between Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. Dakota Fanning plays the big bright shinning star of the movie that burns out like a fire cracker only to reveal that the real fire starter was Joan Jett. You know this from the beginning with Kristen's character having little back story but being the one to set all the wheels in motion that got the band together. Dakota plays Cherie like a girl who's seen it all and is haunted by it. Her presence in some scenes is so hollow and numb it seems too real. While Kristen Stewart plays Joan Jett like a bad ass enigma locked up in her own head unable or unwilling to let her heart lead the way. She can say so much with just a look that some of her best scenes have little dialog. Again the chemistry between Dakota and Kristen is explosive you can almost see the heat radiating from them in most their scenes. It's almost like Joan Jett was in love with Cherie but kept her at a distance cause she knew how fragile and fucked up Cherie was. Anyway it's a great movie with great musical performances and supporting actors. See this movie!

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