Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Space Between Trees

I'm really into tree wall decals at the moment. I think they're just enchanting. I've always been obsessed with trees and the way they twist and stretch like mystical claws, rooted to the earth. I think some wall murals can be really tacky but the tree murals are anything they but. It adds beauty and adventure to the rooms. Bringing an artificial nature into our indoor spaces. I also LOVE this tree poster bed! It's romantic and whimsical!I like the cherry blossoms & This tree decal gives the illusion of wind blowing the leaves around. Like you could just reach out and grab one! Brings me to a new book out by Katie Williams that I read for the sole reason that I figured someone creative enough to design such a unique cover had to have written a unique book. The cover is a think material that's cut out between the branches so the purple background is actually the first page made of paper. It's a beautiful book. It's about a 16 year old girl named Evie who's a comfortable nobody. She doesn't have friends just acquaintances and her only job is a Sunday paper route she's had since she was a kid. Everything changes when the body of a classmate is discovered by her crush, in the woods near her paper route.
At the funeral she mistakenly tells a stranger she was Elizabeth's (the dead girls) best friend. The stranger turns out to be the dead girls father. These events lead Evie into a tangled relationship with both the dead girls father and her best friend Hadley who is dead set on discovering the Killer. The first 3/4Th's of the book is really good and Williams manages to transform the most trivial things into magical visualizations that make the simplicity of things often overlooked, simmer with complicated details. All the characters are fascinating and seem to know everyone else better then they know themselves. The end just doesn't live up to the build up. It just fans out and at the end the lesson learned is basically that shit happens and the why and how are rarely explained and your just stuck with the fact of what happened. Over all I liked it but I'm just a little sick of all the books I read letting me down in the end.

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