Friday, June 18, 2010

Arfin Late

So I should have read this book years ago. It would make more sense if I did. After all this book isn't exactly written for a 21 year old. I was going to read it though back in say June/July of 07. I know this cause back in 07 when I was 17 going on 18 I was a subscriber to Jane magazine which was and still is to this day the best magazine ever. It was like an edgier and more interesting cosmopolitan and made me feel so cool reading it. It covered everything from quirky trends to dildos to real life college experiences to how African women live naked... in Africa. I was crushed when it folded but I've saved a lot of my old copies which help me remember the awesomeness. Anyway Nylon is my go to magazine now. But Back to Lesley Arfin and her book Dear Diary... I first read about it in the June/July 07 issue when Zooey Deschanel was on the cover and the book got a half page spread in Jane. I wanted to read it then and was even obsessed for awhile with trying to find it at book stores (I don't know why it didn't occur to me to order it from amazon like I do with most my books now.) + she hangs with Chloe Sevigyn and even got her to write an introduction for the book!
I'm rambling... So anyway 3 year later I've got the book and upon reading It's triggered all these memories I'd forgotten kinda like that sense memory thing where a smell can cause a flash back. While I think it's worlds away from Go Ask Alice, it is really raw and it captures you with wit, honesty and an adventure filled journey to rock bottom and back again. In Go Ask Alice she dies. In Dear Diary she becomes straight edge. So it's not really Apples and Oranges.
In a weird way I feel like I know Lesley, like she reminds me of a compilation of friends I've had and pieces of myself. I've never been all that curious about drugs. I mean I went through an all the kids are doing it experimental faze in Jr. high and there were a few years in high school where I became a major stoner. Other then that the temptation never got me. Yet despite the overall theme of the book it's still more about growing up and being insecure that every girl can relate to. So even though I'm a few years late I'm ready to jump on the hipster band wagon and start following more of Lesley Arfins witty what have you on her blog. I recommend this book to girls in Jr.high or high school cause it'll feel more in the now if you do. Kind of like when during my Junior year of high school I was obsessed with the book Prozac Nation and Elizabeth Wurtzel.... what am I talking about I'm still obsessed with them. Point being I think just about anyone could like or even love this book but It's made for a younger crowd.

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