Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ferret Sunday

For Ellen, who's been on my mind all night. I wish... a lot of things. I wish I knew what to do. Okay so some Ferrets are kinda cute...

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  1. ......right.....
    My main issue with the pure idiocy of this..
    it is not the ferret's fault.
    It's the owner.
    Just like with vicious dogs.
    Also, if you think on it, more people own ferrets than the number of people who encounter grizzly bears.
    At least a quarter of ferrets have been or are being exposed to abusive homes. This leads to aggressiveness towards humans.
    personally, none of the ferrets I have, ever have even attempted to bite me. It's constant cuddling and play time at my home.
    So....why don't you try owning a ferret before you turn into a judgemental douche.