Saturday, May 22, 2010

Paramore Supports Mind Control?

Forget all the recent symbolism with their current albums cover and press photos like above, the real proof comes from their music video Brick By Boring Brick. I'm shocked to say the least because this song was one of my favorites off the new album. I played it so many times and know all the lyrics and even knowing what I know I'm still training myself to really LISTEN to the lyrics in songs and break them down so I know what the song is "really" about. This song though totally went over my head I thought the song was; just like writes "at face value, about a girl escaping her problems and acting childish only to realize that it makes things worse." The video however is so devastatingly obvious. Perhapse even more so because of the book I'm reading now that is about a women's first hand experience being born and raised in a mind controlled family and so all the elements of mind control and little details she talks about are just so blatantly confirmed in the music video. I want to delete and burn all my paramore music and bag, photos and so on. Why? I just don't get it. See for yourself what this video is "about"...
A girl looking into the mirror with a attitude and mood different from what you see before and after she's stops looking in the mirror. Also notice the vast number of mirrors...
The little girl runs right into her grave trying to escape the darkness... they want her to cover up her memories with bricks to block them out. Also the lines:
If it’s not real
You can’t hold it in your hand
You can’t feel it with your heart
(saying if you can't remember it or see it or feel it then it's not real... taking into account that through mind control they use other created personalities to experience things and forget so it never happened.)
And I won’t believe it

But if it’s true
You can see it with your eyes
(you can see it so that's how you know whats a fantasy and whats real. but if you can't control your own mind then who ever controls your mind controls what you know and remember seeing)
Or even in the dark
And that’s where I want to be, yeah

-Then Hayli picks her dall up and tosses it in after her while she gets baried!
So sad Paramore, R.I.P. and may god forgive you!

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