Saturday, May 8, 2010

When Reckless Music Works

I can't really stress enough just how impressed and excited I am about The Pretty Reckless. My only qualm is with the marketing. I think much like everyone else that it's Taylor Momsens band... and I guess in reality it is. She was signed and then ditched all of her original band only to replace them... granted with much more talented musicians. The new sound she has in her demo songs and her recent performaces is 10x more matured and put together than it was when she was touring with the veronicas at first. The big question is what songs are going to make it onto her album? The reality is she has a LOT of great songs that won't make the cut. I also have to mention that the Kick-Ass soundtrack is amazing! Below is a cool video I found on that lets you meet the other band members as they discuss the colabortion process and the status of the new album.

Below videos of some of my favorite songs by them:

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