Monday, May 24, 2010

Alexander Skarsgard Jumps On The Model Rice Cake Wagon

Okay I realize my opinion may be influenced by jealousy but I really don't like this! Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood is dating Kate Bosworth and has been for some time but now that summer is here they have taken to parading their love all over the damn place! Forcing women and young girls everywhere that are not waifish thin and unnaturally blond to cry out... WHY???? Followed by Why can't I look like that? I find it depressing and typical for these vikings of men to be attracted to the thinnest, blondest and plainest of models once they become famous. When in reality then could be dating someone without the body of a pubescent boy! Maybe I'm going too far, I mean I liked Blue Crush when she was more than skin and bones and Wonderland was okay but really I just hate him being with anyone that's not Evan Rachel Wood... That being said they look bloody happy to be together :(
She better treat him well or actually don't... that way he can run back to ERW!

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