Friday, April 23, 2010

Music Industry Exposed: Lil Wayne is he IN or OUT?

Now it's hard to say cause only a few really know but sometimes it seems like Lil Wayne is in on this whole Illuminati thing. A lot of singers and rappers and big time shakers and movers in the entertainment industry are and well Lil Waynes music and lyrics suggest he's involved. On the other hand you have Lil Wayne releasing a lot of music that seems to half hiddenly express his battle with it. His battle between what he'd done to get where he's at and what he's sacrafised. I think he's still in the game playing along but he's also trying to spread the word and leaking things out about what's going on. His rock album rebirth is far from his roots and his lyrics express a heavy battle between good and evil and the grey inbetween.
At times it's hard to know where he lies but with him being in jail now on some gun possesion charges I can't help but be reminded of DMX and other rap and hip hop artist that were sent to jail after they changed the direction of their music from negative to positive. Above is the first of a series of videos about the music industry exposed It gets to DMX at about the 5 video. very interesting and you'll be surprised how much it will make you aware of!

Above and Below are videos off of Lil Waynes album Rebirth. I suggest you watch the video and really pay attention to the lyrics to get a good idea what he is talking about and the symbolism used. You get the feeling that lil wayne is warning us... what do u think he's warning us about?

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