Sunday, April 25, 2010

2012 Awakening with John Major Jenkins

Don't let the opening metal music and shock imagery in the very beginning steer you from giving this documentary a chance. My first thought within the first minute of watching this was "what kinda crap is this?" but I was surprised to learn that John Major Jenkins and David Icke were a big part of it and after seeing their names listed in the opening credits I settled in for what has become the most enlightening movie/documentary about 2012 I've ever seen. To save yourself the initial wtf? is this reaction I recommend skipping to 1:58 of this first video. It's only about an hour long not counting the end credits and is very informative about what is happening to our Milky Way Galaxy in the era-2012 and the spiritual and conscious implications it's having on everyone.

John Major Jenkins is the author of several books about the era-2012 and so much more. He is able to explain his research and understanding of things that I was quite clueless about before I got into reading his books and articles, in terms that an everyday moderately educated person can follow and comprehend. The man is a genius and while fully understanding all his terminology is something I'll be working on for quite some time It is still easy to follow, unlike other popular researchers on the subject that sound so pompous and overly educated you can't understand a thing they say! The links below will take you to one of his websites where you can learn more about his work and era-2012. The bottom two links will elad you to two very interesting links by Jenkins.

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