Friday, April 30, 2010

Smells Like Ron Paul Spirit... Really?

Wow so the day has come when a congressman and a presidential candidate is being compared to the iconic former Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain. I'm a big fan of the website and one of their latest articles compared the mainstream conservative movement and the uprising of Ron Paul in the 2012 election to the alternative music movement that occurred in the 90's and how basically a trio of under dogs with a band called Nirvana captured the music industry with it's realistic alternative sound changed the music scene and knocked glam metal bands off their big haired pedestals! While I appreciate journalists and Ron Paul supporters attempts to get younger voters by attracting them through "alternative" means, Nirvana never had an agenda much bigger than making good music and living their lives by their own rules and lets not forget that Nirvana has only gotten more and more popular over time AFTER the death of Kurt Cobain. So it seems only fair if your going to create a diagram of similarities that you should mention the differences as well but I guess they're too vast and obvious to mention them... at all.
While Ron Paul might have more than few things on his agenda that I'm all for I don't see ANY presidential candidate that will really make a positive difference. Obama seemed like the lesser of two evils in 2008 mainly because of Sarah Palin and her Russian landscape credentials but I see Ron Paul as someone who wants to hand responsibility out to the American people without taking into count the responsibilities they already have. Just by legalize drugs & prostitution, cutting off all welfare, social security and federal aid we'd have ourselves a United states similar to a ghetto Amsterdam. That's still run by a president that is merely a mouth piece for an underground society that's stocking up and taking names so that they can control and build the new world to their rich supremacist shape shifting ideals, once the alignment causes our planet to shift 40 degrees and causes earths crust and all the water on the planet to simply redecorate the inhabitable parts of earth. So really either way most of us are fucked when that happens, but the good thing is we still have free will and knowledge is power. An like they say it ain't over till the fat lady sings!
What a silly idea for a campaign add! lol
He was kinda a cutie when he was younger... but looks are decieving. Don't believe anything they tell you and only half of what you see!

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