Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fake Reality & Lady Gaga

When I first saw this video I was shocked with all the blatant symbolism in it. For everyone that is a fan of her music I would suggest that you actually listen to her lyrics and watch her video and ask yourself what kinda of message it leaves you with. There are countless videos on YouTube where people have broke down her videos and exposed them for what they are so for someone who is not very informed on what the mason and Illuminati symbols are those videos will help you immensely. The promo picture below seems "innocent" enough until you realize all the dice add up to 6, example 1 +5, 3+3, 1+5 so that each set dice add up to 666. Now clearly the dice and chips were places there to represent poker but why when given the opportunity to decide what numbers to display would they select those numbers for all 4 dice? Something to question!
I'll be honest I am a believer that a lot of popular musicians in Hollywood are in fact Illuminati and mason puppets. For a lot of people whenever a theory or idea is presented to them that they find too complicated or irrational or outside their "safe" reality they immediately turn their cheek and rule it out as crazy or a conspiracy. For the most part I don't like to blog about these subjects because I know most people don't want to hear about these things for one reason or another. I have been questioning the world and reality presented to me for a few years now but only in the last year have I discovered and grown more aware of whats really going on in this world. So while this website is my way of sharing and expressing my interest and passions mostly related to some form of art or another, I'm going to be expanding and including a lot more information about what I'm learning and what other people have a right to know about. I only hope that people will listen, observe, research and then decide for themselves what they believe. A lot of the clothing and "pop art" worn by Gaga has symbolic meaning. If she is unaware of their meaning and it is only coincidence then why has it happened so many times? Why is it so obvious and why does her use of symbolism seem to be getting even more common with all her music, videos, clothing, photos...
A ram head piece?
A photo shoot at a masonic lodge? Sitting in a "position of power" at a masonic lodge, really? Yes!
I also happen to be a fan of Andy Wahol and I don't care what some people say about her being inspired by one of his shorts with this video. HER message is clear: a "machine" too her heart & brain... and what did she det in return? FAME!
Below are two links to a very details and informative article that has extensive evidence to suggest that she is in fact a puppet being used for maniacal ends by people who have a negative agenda.
Lady Gaga the Illuminati puppet article part 1:

Lady Gaga the Illuminati puppet article part 2:

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