Thursday, July 9, 2009

Eye Tell Ya, Some People

Some people... Ugh I'm still boiling with rage over some crap that went down today. What can you do? Some people are just ignorant and disrespectful and there will never be anything you can do except fume and let karma handle the rest! It just really gets under my skin when people are so narcissistic and selfish that all the want to hear or care to hear is the sound of their own voice! Err... I'm the type of person that respects everyone, unless you give me a reason not too. If you don't show me respect, I'm not showing you respect. When someone threatens me and tries to intimidate me it just makes me all the more devoted and aggressive about my cause! Since this is a public blog I don't want to get too into details cause It might come back to haunt me, lets just say I asked someone in a managers position a few completely reasonable questions about something very important and all I got were lies, threats and disrespect. I guess my questions were too big for someone with so few brain cells and that after pretending to hear me talk for all of 2 minutes, she so desperately needed to hear her own voice again that she blatantly threatened to abuse her powers of management and fuck up my life. Well believe me after than I put her in her place but in a appropriate, respectful manner while still getting my point across because unlike some people I'm able to be remain mature and calm when faced with a conflict. Of course later she acted all sweet as pie and tried to make nice but I already know she's as fake as a spray on tan! Ugh some people should really not be allowed to work with others.
Any way... I've been editing some close up shots of my eyes recently and these two photos are the fruit of my effort. It's no masterpiece but it's something to do when I'm bored.

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