Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Lovely Wow

I love to paint and take photos, I also love to upload them on my computer and edit them till they're almost unrecognisable! I have page on deviantart.com where I post a good portion of my work when I have time here is a link: http://myhartparts.deviantart.com/ Both photo's in this post are mine. Along with this part of a song I wrote and have been singing in my head.
Another lovely wow
slips from the people in the crowd
turning images in your mind
voices scream out your lies
pushing, crushing
up against the landfills in your head
trying to pull you from the dead
piercing eyes invade your soul
stroking, knocking
up against the scars of time
running over broken dreams
ripped right from their seams
reaching for the burning light
reflected in your eyes
and another lovely wow
slips from the people in the crowd

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