Saturday, March 26, 2011

Somersault Movie Review

I absolutely loved this movie. It's not a happy, energetic, feel good movie. It's a sad, coming of age story about a runaway who's trying to get her life together. This movie was very timid at times but it's also very deep. I'd seen Abbie Cornish in a few other movies like Candy and Stop Loss but I never really thought much of her. That is until I saw this movie which was one of the first films she was ever in and I kinda fell in love with her. She acts with her whole body and her eyes really do pull you in and emote so much. She would have made an incredible silent movie actress. Lucky for us those days are over and we get a whole lot more. This is an Australian film, and as someone who hasn't really seen many (if any) movies that were made in Australia with an Australian casts, I was pleasantly surprised. My only qualm is that the movie could have done with a lot less nudity and still had the same calm before and after the storm feel to it. None the less it's a beautiful movie along the lines of the British film Fish Tank.I loved the colors in this film. The cinematography was brilliant. The way the two main characters would look through goggles and pieces of glass made you feel like they really wanted to see the world differently, to be different. Some scenes were so pale and cold while others would be so warm and almost electric. The colors and backgrounds of this movie are really beautiful and add tremendously to the raw feel of this movie. I highly recommend you see this if you get the chance.

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