Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More (Mostly) Vegetarian Meals

I love vegetables. All kinds but especially in my favorite cayenne, kick-o-man sauce. I like them with noodles, rice or just extra veggies! Egg Rolls. Yummy veggie egg rolls. Easy to make and way too easy to eat! Vegetable soup, now I must confess I put cutup chicken breasts in this but only a little. The colors while it was cooking were so beautiful. The spinach and red onion look perfect together.
It came out so delicious and it made so much that in addition to eating it for two days I filled two big containers of it up and froze it. Homemade spinach, mushroom and tomato pizza with Alfredo sauce. I could eat this every night if I didn't have a dozens of recipes I could live on.
Garlic. It's my favorite spice and additive, whatever. I add it to just about everything. My second favorite spice is cayenne pepper. Third is regular black pepper. Fourth is Rosemary & fifth is Cinnamon.Homemade granola. I make it for my mom all the time and there are dozens maybe even hundreds of different ways to make it. I like to use Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, for this one I used the kind with strawberries. I also use oatmeal, flax seed among lots of other things. It's the best granola you've ever had.Spinach stuffed pasta shells. I prefer them with Alfredo sauce but they're good with regular pasta sauce too. I bought some frozen ones and loved them so I decided to make my own homemade ones which were so much better.
15 Bean and veggie chili. I hate beans of all kinds except the green beans so who knows what possessed me to put a bag of soup beans in my chili all I know is for some crazy reason it was so yummy and delicious it's not the only way I can eat beans! This is before I added all the water and cooked it down.Then you have a traditional salad. Works ever time.

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