Saturday, March 26, 2011

Artist Of The Month: Beatrice Boyle

In case you haven't notice I'm a sucker for dark and twisted portraits. Which is a little odd because I don't do portraits myself but maybe that's why I'm obsessed with them and the artist that create them. Beatrice Boyle creates the epitome of the kind of art that moves me. It's very tortured and the lines of reality and perception are very blurred in her work. Every one of her illustrations is like a punch in the stomach or a slap in the face... emotionally that is. That's what I love, this is art that makes you feel. It makes me wonder about these girls and how the artist came to showcase these different emotions with each of them. Is it a glimpse into their souls or the artist's soul? Perhaps a bit of both.
^She's got a really cool blog that you should follow as well^
^And check out her website^


  1. Thanks for commenting on Trendland, that would have been nice if you could have credit us as well!

  2. I tend to only credit the actual artist for the artwork. If certin pieces are only available on a 3rd party website and not on the artists offical website then I'll link to the 3rd party. Sorry If I offended you. I'll post about Trendland in the future, it sure is an amazing website!