Sunday, March 21, 2010

Goodbye New Skins

An Doesn't Megan Prescott Far Left Below Look so Much like Blair from Gossip Girl?!?It Broke my heart when they replaced the entire cast of skins after season 2 and I swore I'd never love it the same... then something strange happened, the new cast with Effy in tow grew on me and became a separate but equal part of the shows history. Idk how they did it or why but two years later millions of fans are once again left with a broken heart because the entire cast this time including Effy is being replaced. Just when the show sinks into it's rhythm an has you good and attached it dumps your ass for someone or several someones younger and moodier! I wish I could say the show will never again live up to it's previous casts but with this show you just never know! An seriously how amazing do Kathryn and Lilly Look in those top two covers!

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