Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lost Without You

It's been 3+ months since I've had working Internet in my apartment... it's been so hard. Well the first month was the hardest... the detox period. The #1 thing I missed was the music... discovering new artist online and downloading them was painful. The 2nd thing I missed was my blog!!! Even if only 1 person looks at it a month it's still worth it. It's fun and a way for me to share all the little things that interest me... #3 was I used to watch all my shows there cause I won't buy cable. I'm a hard core since episode 1 SKINS fan and well I missed the entire 4th season of skins! A piece of me broke off into little slag ashes when I realized this TODAY! An whats worse is I read a SPOILER that said Freddie dies or goes missing giving the illusion of death... and that the season end so crappy it's enough to stop watching the show. I hope it's not true!!!! Any way I'm back on the saddle with much to make up for!

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