Friday, April 1, 2011

Can't Hold Me Down

  Hmm... so I updated my account with whatever new upgrade they recommended and now there is a little pop up when I go to upload a photo that says "Only select images that you have confirmed that you have the license to use." & I'm pretty pissed off because that's just bullshit. It's not like I'm making a profit off of this blog or anything so why can't I post images I find online at popular search engines like bing or google and other public websites? I need a license to add a photo to a free blog that has 11 followers... really? Well Fuuuucccckk that :)
  I created this blog for fun because I wanted to write about the art, music, movies and miscellaneous life filler that interests me. I started out just putting mass photos up that I found on deviant art that I thought were cool and every once in a while I'd post about something personal. Since then I've evolved to include my opinion more and I started tracking down the artist and linking to websites that host and created the images and artwork. This is a form of free speech, I'm not claiming to own any of these photos, I'm just showcasing them on a little seen blog.
  So I'm going to keep on doing my thing and post photos I think are amazing that I find online. If I can find the source, as in the actual photographer or actual artist then I'll continue to link to their website. This is to encourage people to get involved in art and to appreciate art. So these new "rules" can suck it!

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  1. Wow! I've just looked back a few months through your Blog - you've got some interesting things in here and I love that your personality shines through the text and posts that you do. I think you've really got an eye for great art, and it's astounding that you read I think it was like 72 books in 2010 haha I'm lucky to get through a series, but I am a full-time student so I only read on the train haha.

    But yeah, you're welcome to check out any of my Blogs I've got about 5 attached to my name, all from different years of my course :). But yeah just wanted to say I think your Blog is amazing and you sound Uber interesting :). Thank god for Google aye? haha. Oh and just wanna let you know, don't know if it was intentional but one of your Blog titles says "Studded Grilled Cheese" and then below it says Stuffed Grilled Cheese - Didn't know if the Studded was intentional or not :P..

    Take Care!! XoX
    Oh! I'm Nat by the way :)