Monday, February 28, 2011

Evan Rachel Wood In Cincinnati

For a while now it's been big news around town that George Cloony was shooting scenes from his new movie Ides Of March in Cincinnati, Ohio particularly at Fountain Square downtown. Until today I hadn't really thought much of it until I came across these photos of Evan Rachel Wood! I was so excited to learn that she was in the movie and thus the area that when I learned they were most likely done filming in my area and had moved on to filming at Miami University I became really bummed out. I would have loved the opportunity to stalk Evan around Cincinnati! Seriously I adore her, she's my favorite actress and just an all around interesting person. Maybe another opportunity to meet her will present itself but most likely not!
Anyway she looks lovely and happy in these pics, back to rocking traditional blond locks and smiling around the super hot Ryan Gosling. One things for sure she's provided the interest I needed to follow the making of this movie!

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