Friday, August 6, 2010

Artist of the Month: Nick Gentry

Wow. WOW. wOw.
Amazing. Brilliant.
Insane with tallent.
Nick Gentry is an artist I'm going to be following and obsessing about for a long time. I feel it my bones, this artist is one to watch out for! I have a bunch of art websites I browse through a few times a month for unique and funky art to drool over and share on here and thanks to a great website called:
I've made my own discovery of his work. It's completely unique and his pieces have a dark and dramtic feel to them while still looking comerical. I feel it has a kind of graffiti inspired grunge/working class/fantasy vibe about it.
He's so talented I'm more than a little bit jelaous!
If you check out his flickr web page you can see lots more of his artwork that will most likely cause your heart to skip a beat!
If you click the link below it will lead you to the Adam Lister Gallery website where you can get more details on where to attend a group exhibition he is part of up untill September 5th.

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