Friday, December 4, 2009

Love Yourself

Okay so something happened today that really pissed me off. At first you know I was like so what, I could care less what this skinny chick thinks. whatever. Then soon after a few other people jumped in it and started calling me a whale and saying I was insecure cause I only had 1 body shot on this website right and I stood my ground and was like I've got curves and brains and I'm content so keep on running your mouth it's not going to weigh me down like the hate in your hearts. I was happy with that line lol and you know eventually it stopped and I was determined to stay till they all left right cause no one is going to run me off!

Then you know I actually started to feel bad and just got real depressed there for a minute like shit it just got me down you know and then I got mad like who the hell are these stupid ignorant people to get me down on myself. I'm a good person, I'm fun and I've got a great personality and I'm cool with everyone I do my best to not judge anyone and I encourage diversity and uniqueness and you know I am pretty content and secure with myself so why did a 20 minute conversation with a bunch of hateful strangers get me so down?

I wish I had the answer but it really fired me up that those people did get to me. So yea I'm overweight, so what. I'm still beautiful and I still feel sexy and love my body, how many skinny girls with near perfect bodies can say they love their bodies? I have friends of all shapes and sizes and I tell you what when I go shopping with them it's always my skinny friends that break down in the dressing room or go into an immediate impenetrable depression when they have to go up a size in jeans. Now that tells me that women of all shapes and sizes and weights have some type of body insecurities and that we all feel the pressure from the media and our culture to be thin.

It's easier for a bigger girl to come to terms with her weight cause she has more cushion to fall back on but for a skinner girl 5 pounds is the difference between beautiful and disgusting. I feel for all women that go through this. What we all need to do as females is learn to except or bodies the way they are, whether you are a naturally skinny girl that can't gain weight or a big boned girl that can't loose weight. If we were all meant to be the same size we would be but just like there are different colors and shapes of fruit and vegetables there are different colors and shapes of beautiful women in this world and we need to embrace ourselves and love our bodies and not break each other down!

So I'm actually glad this happened today because yes It got me down for a minute but I got back up stronger and more confident in myself. I wish more women could learn to love their bodies and to see the beauty that is in them that is only magnified when you believe in yourself and love yourself. I don't care if you are 100 lbs. or 300lbs. you are beautiful and should love your body!

~These photo's are from Women En Large a lovely collection of nude photographs of large women by Laurie Toby Edison~

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